Flickr Photo Set to KML

Enter the id number of the Flickr photo set you wish to generate KML for:


Photo size:
KML File - This file can be opened in Google Earth.
Open in GoogleMaps - (small photo set please, small photos recommended)
Large photo sets make take a long time to generate, sometimes causing Google Maps to time out. If you want to share a large photo set, please use the following steps:
  1. download the KML file
  2. upload it to your own blog or web site
  3. paste its URL into GoogleMaps
This will speed up loading of your photo set and reduce the load on my server.
In GoogleMaps click on the 'Link to this page' link to get an HTML snippet to embed the map in your website.
Draw lines (paths) between photos.
Chronologically - Paths will be drawn based on photo creation date.
Chronologically - by upload - Paths will be drawn based on date the photo was uploaded to Flickr.
Set Order - Paths will be drawn based on the order they appear in the set.
What icon/style to use for each image:
Square Thumbnail - The square thumbnail generated by Flickr for each photo.
Thumbnail - The proportionally-sized thumbnail generated by Flickr for each photo.
Camera - The default GoogleMaps 'photo'/'camera' icon.

Photo Set to KML was written by Adam Franco and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later.

More information, Source Code on Github.